Discover Yourself with the Moon

This Moon Journal will take you through all 13 cycles of 2020, filling your life with Moon Magick, rituals, and connection with the Divine.


Times are Shifting…

Do you feel it?

Down deep in your soul?

This need to connect with something bigger than yourself?


Journaling by the Moon


This guided journal takes you through a year of rituals aligning with the phases of the moon. The beautiful, powerful moon that is the object of poetry, art and songwriters alike. She commands the tides and even the wolves and coyotes honor her with their baying. She embodies the Divine Feminine and so it is perfect that these rituals align with her cycles.

“This is just the type of journal I’ve been looking for! Release, recharge, manifest in oneness with yourself and the universe. Journaling by the Moon guides you with ease through healing and manifesting journey.”

Since ancient times we’ve held rituals to connect to our Divine and to connect to the divine within us. Ritual allows us to connect to the Divine, to create Sacred Space and be present in a way that we are unable to do in our daily lives where 1001 things need doing in our sleep-deprived lives. 

But there is a calling for the world to change its energy. This is the call you may have felt down deep in your bones, within your soul. To return to the energy of the Divine Feminine. A gentler, more nurturing way of living, one where peace and love can prosper. One where you can prosper.

We invite you into the heart of these simple rituals. I invite you to call down the moon and feel her energy within you as you honor her and yourself during these rituals. They are moments for you, her, and your Divine… whatever that may look like to you.






(Prompts & rituals only)

About the Creators of Journaling by the Moon

Kim Galliher

Kim Galliher

Kim began her spiritual path in 1991 at the Psychic Eye Bookstore where she walked out with a leather pouch of healing stones she would soon wear around her neck. Her path has twisted and turned and grown in so many different ways since then. Though that’s when she first purposely started pursuing spiritual endeavors she had her first mediumship experience when she wasn’t quite 2 1/2. Her mediumship and psychic abilities are something that has always been a part of her.

In 2009, she began her mindset and energy work and between the two realms-the mysticism of spiritual life and the powerful world of the mind-she’s found a whole other universe exists from the one she once knew.

Kim is a Certified EFT Practitioner/Teacher, Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher, natural born Psychic Medium, a wild witchy woman, and a has had an ALMOST daily meditation practice since 2008.

Anissa Cosby

Anissa Cosby

Anissa began her spiritual journey at the age of 13 when she attempted to commit suicide. When she survived, she quickly realized that there was a higher purpose for her life and decided to walk the path that has led her to where she is today. Growing up in a Puerto Rican household, she learned about SanterÍa and the importance of honoring her ancestors. This is the basis of her spiritual practice.

She has experience as a self-taught graphic designer in addition to being a tarot reader and spiritual advisor. She currently owns The Oracle’s Haven which is an online metaphysical boutique specializing in assisting all spiritual individuals on their path, regardless of whether they are just beginning or have been on their journey for a while.

She has a passion and a desire to help people see the best of themselves and has made it her mission to help people through the shadows.